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Our team of passionate farmers and scientists are dedicated to producing the highest quality cannabis products in Humboldt County, California. We specialize in Mixed Light Flower grown in our Tier two mixed light facility and garden, which includes a nursery, a vegetative room, flower rooms, and climate controlled drying rooms. Our flower is cultivated with the care of a Legacy market Emerald Triangle farm, with the added enhancement of cutting edge horticulture techniques. Mixed light allows for the benefits of an indoor garden supercharged by the power and spectrum of Humboldt's Harvest Sun.

As a group of Humboldt County Cannabis lifers, experts, breeders, and farmers we came together to provide California's retail industry with the quality of flower we want to smoke ourselves. With well over twenty years in cultivating the Emerald Triangle's dankest cannabis, we have the genetics, but more importantly, we have mastered growing these genetics, which adapted to Humboldt's climate and location, a.k.a.terroir, over the past 50+ years of growing and breeding. And while many of these genetics have traveled, there's nothing quite like experiencing world class varieties grown in their home terroir. We've pooled our experience, time, and resources to share a serious slice of the Humboldt-Pie.



Here at Quantum, our mission is to provide AAA quality cannabis infused with the essence of Humboldt County's elite light spectrums. Our flower is meant to elevate the smoker and help to usher in the next generation of cannabis in a legal and regulated marketplace. As a craft producer, our mission isn't finished until happy smokers report back in satisfaction.



Harping back to the best of what Humboldt County has to offer, Quantum Humboldt combines the old with the new to elevate the quality of cannabis on California's retail shelves. We want everyone to experience the immaculate quality and rare intricacies of craft quality flower. With a lot of new actors appearing in the space, our vision is to use the lessons and legacy of the Emerald Triangle to infuse a bland industry with the craft quality cannabis true smokers are looking for.

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