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Quantum Humboldt

AAA Premium Tier #2 Mixed Light Garden

Welcome to Quantum Humboldt!

Scroll to see each of our facilities that make up the seed to sale-ready process before checking out our Services and Offerings.

Be sure to reach out, as we're happy to go into detail.


Nursery Rooms

Here's where the genetics come from and thrive. We house our Mother plants in our nursery where they are ready and waiting to be cloned and rolled out again. Our climate controlled nursery and specially designed clone rooms enable a thriving root system and an optimized environment to begin life on the best foot forward.

Vegetative Rooms

Once our clones have had ample time to sprout new root systems and acclimate to the environment, they're brought out to one of our two mixed light greenhouses. Here the environment is optimized for solid, stable, and vigorous growth, during the Veg. cycle. Here we top the plants and train them to produce a heavy canopy, packed full of colas or top-buds. Plants usually spend around 4-6 weeks in the vegetative states before cutting the light cycle back and inducing flowering.


Flowering Rooms

Once our plants are thriving and stable in the Veg room, we can induce the flowering stage. Our fully automated greenhouses provide the ultimate in Light Deprivation, allowing us to harvest three times per year, rather than only once in the Fall. Utilizing the natural sunlight and aided by tier two mixed lighting, the plants find themselves in the perfect environment to produce thick, dense, and trichome covered nugs. Plants spend around 6 to 9 weeks from the start of the flowering process until harvest, making this a highly efficient garden in constant rotation.

Climate Controlled Drying Rooms

After the chop on harvest date, our plants are hung in climate controlled drying rooms for several weeks. We have created the ideal drying environment, hanging whole plants and waiting until after drying before trimming begins. Plenty of air circulation in a dark environment during the crucial, but often overlooked drying stages, is the difference between "Like it" and "love it" flower. Hanging the plants upside down and untrimmed, allows the leaves to hug our nugs and create the prime conditions found in nature. After coming to the perfect dry and cure, only then are the plants trimmed, revealing the bright greens and bold roping orange hairs. We check every batch numerous times to ensure a perfect cure and therefore a perfect smoke. With new farms and brands coming out of the woodwork, this kind of Legacy knowledge is falling through the cracks as farms aim for optimum production. You'll know it when you smoke it, that our flower is cured right.


Get to Know Us

Alexa Young, CA

"Phenomenal flower with true bag appeal. One taste and this cut flew from the retail shelves"

Nick Bucci, CA

Your flower kicks total ass.

Lisa Driver, MI

Bringing together two legendary farms, Humboldt Kine Farms and Humboldt Exotics produce the finest quality flower around."

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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