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Providing Everything You Need to Succeed in Today's Dynamic Cannabis Marketplace.

From Procurement to Packaging, Quantum Humboldt is the leader in top-shelf quality flower.



Why do it yourself when the best to ever do it are already pumping out the premium flower fans will go nuts for? Make your brand one to remember with some of the finest cannabis growing across California. We have over twenty years worth of wisdom in the hunt for the finest phenotypes and new strains. With a rotation of perpetual harvests, Quantum has the genetics fans are looking for.


Need cuttings and want in on some of the latest NorCal genetics? Look no further. We can line you up and provide all the clones your tiny hearts desire. Quantum is truly a multi-generational operation with far-reaching talent and experience. We brought the best together to change the quality of the marketplace.

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Packaging and Labeling

We offer full packaging and labeling services to have your product ready-made for your brand. Our length of time in business is a testament to quality grown cannabis, now available to you.

Cultivars Currently Offered

Click below for a list of current offerings and to find out what's growing next. We offer a full line of exotic genetics, producing new flavors with every batch.

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